Suvastu Rialto Tower

Project: Suvastu Rialto Tower
Address: Dhanmondi, Dhaka
Architect: Rashed Hassan Chowdhury
Architect Firm: Dehsar Works
Client: Suvastu Property Ltd.
Glass Brand & Series: CSG

Stick Curtain Wall System

Total Glass Area: 1700 Sqm
ACP: 250 Sqm
Expandable Mesh: 350 Sqm
Aluminium Box Louvres: 2000 Sqm
Glass: CSG

CSG the earliest domestic production of high-end building energy-saving glass enterprises, CSG LOW-E glass development, production capacity and technology far ahead, products cover all types of engineering and building energy-saving glass.

Suvastu Rialto Tower
Cox's Bazar
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